Shame, guilt, fear, remorse, and perhaps a little anger with yourself


These feelings are normal given what you have been through.  No one goes through family problems, legal issues, expensive mistakes, loss of jobs and all the other problems associated with alcohol or drug use without some feeling like those listed above.  Let us assure you, that while these mistakes cannot be undone, with help and proper decision making they can be avoided and ultimately rectified. 

Lets put the past behind you!

WKDA Services, LLC


Founded: 2013
Owner: Marty and Diane Cobb
Certifications: Kentucky DUI certified and AODE licensed. Tennessee licensed as DUI and Alcohol and Drug provider. Tennessee and Kentucky Certified Batterer Invention Providers.  Board approved CEU for CADC and LCADC.
Areas of expertise:  Anger management, DUI programs, alcohol and drug therapy.

Personal certifications on staff include Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Autonomous Batterer Intervention Provider.

West Kentucky Drug and Alcohol Intervention Services, LLC is an equal opportunity provider.  We serve clients equally without regard for age, race, sexual orentation or economic status.

Company Profile

Our Story....

Western Kentucky Drug and Alcohol Intervention Services, INC was founded in 1991 by Robert Counce and operated until 2013.  At time, Mr. Counce retired and WKDA Services, LLC purchased the business and renamed it West Kentucky Drug and Alcohol Intervention Services. LLC.  Operations under the new name began on  11-01-2013.  The combination of service to community by both entities make us the second oldest continuous DUI program in the state of Kentucky.

Since 11-01-2013, West Kentucky Drug and Alcohol has added a location in Benton, Kentucky and Dresden, Tennessee.  We have added the availability of both oral swab and urine drug screens.  An Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program was added earlier this year.  Most recently we were approved by the Board of Alcohol and Drug Counselors to offer Continuing Education Courses for other treatment professionals.

We constantly strive for fast, efficient, compassionate service to every client that humbles us by choosing to allow us to help them during what may be the worst time in their lives.  We are grateful for your interest and your trust.  We look forward to serving you.